RF24Gateway - TCP/IP over RF24Network  0.1b
TMRh20 - Pushing the practical limits of RF24 modules

RF24Gateway is a library style replacement for the standalone RF24toTUN application, used with RF24Ethernet.

In addition to passing TCP/IP payloads to a network interface, RF24Gateway also allows users to send and receive standard RF24Network payloads.

This allows users to deploy and manage hybrid networks, consisting of nodes communicating via TCP/IP and RF24Network Messages


See http://tmrh20.github.io/RF24 for installation instructions using the installer, or clone the RF24 libs and run 'make install' for each one.

After running the installer, RF24Gateway will be installed at rf24libs/RF24Gateway. Examples are included for operating the gateway as well as client scripts & programs to control nodes via http requests.

Note: RF24Gateway is tested with and defaults to using RF24Mesh. Sensor nodes must also use RF24Mesh or be statically assigned within RF24Mesh.

See http://tmrh20.github.io/RF24Ethernet/ for related documentation for use with RF24Gateway.

How It Works

RF24Gateway is relatively simple in design, and uses the Universal TUN/TAP driver for Linux
Data incoming from the RF24 communication stack (designated as external data) is passed to the interface without modification. Conversely, incoming TCP/IP or other data received on the TUN/TAP interface is passed directly into the radio network and designated as external data.

Linux devices running RF24Gateway can establish network links using the built-in TCP/IP stack, and users can include Arduino/AVR devices or additional RPi devices to automatically extend the wireless range.
Arduino/AVR devices, etc must utilize a software IP stack such as uIP.