RF24Mesh  V1.0.3b
A user friendly mesh overlay for sensor networks using RF24Network and nRF24L01 radio modules
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RF24Mesh_Example_Master.cpp File Reference
#include "RF24Mesh/RF24Mesh.h"
#include <RF24/RF24.h>
#include <RF24Network/RF24Network.h>


RF24 radio (RPI_V2_GPIO_P1_15, BCM2835_SPI_CS0, BCM2835_SPI_SPEED_8MHZ)
 RF24Mesh_Example_Master.ino by TMRh20. More...
RF24Network network (radio)
int main (int argc, char **argv)


RF24Mesh mesh (radio, network)

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RF24 radio ( RPI_V2_GPIO_P1_15  ,
BCM2835_SPI_CS0  ,

RF24Mesh_Example_Master.ino by TMRh20.

Note: This sketch only functions on -Arduino Due-

This example sketch shows how to manually configure a node via RF24Mesh as a master node, which will receive all data from sensor nodes.

The nodes can change physical or logical position in the network, and reconnect through different routing nodes as required. The master node manages the address assignments for the individual nodes in a manner similar to DHCP.

RF24Network network ( radio  )
int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

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